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@neru_sleep: SrGのリハに向かおうとしたら電車が目的の駅と逆側に走り始めた。この電車壊れてるな。

Neru: When I got onto the train to go to the SrG rehearsal it started moving towards the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. It seems like this train broke.

neru normal people call that getting on the wrong train

Track: 再教育
Artist: mimica


Saikyouiku (piano arrange) - mimica

Original - Neru


And put your eyebrows down! 

Inspired by this post. I had to. 


The most dangerous ships of all are the ones where you’re like heh this is kinda cute, I guess I ship it a little.

That’s how it starts man.

That’s how it fucking starts. 

"I hold your hand, the one that soothed me those times. I’ll hold it tightly, so please don’t let go."


Mekakucity Actors Quotes ↴

↳ Ene Episode 01


It was a matter of time


~Chee’s giveaway 2.5 (not 3 because 2.5 sounds better)~

the last giveaway was only for 3 pokemon which is lame so i went all out and got these babies from trading

none of them can be nicknamed as they are from trades, so they all have their default names. you can click the pictures for their natures and genders and stuff like that.

  • there’ll be one pokemon per winner so that theres a better chance of winning cause winning is good
  • you can like or reblog this and i dont mind if you follow me but don’t spam reblog dont do it man
  • i’ll end this in three days on thursday at around 6 p.m. central
  • 3 DAYS
  • if you have any questions about any of the pokemon send me a message or something
  • i’ll be using a random number generator to pick the winners (some people didn’t know so i added this)
i get it now…this is love, right?▐ translations thanks to   !


Those who didn’t appear in the CM, made their debut in the OP